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 1)   WorkShelf 1.90
Workshelf is a powerful and intuitive desktop organization tool that allows you to arrange frequently used files, folders and applications into their own groups and categories, providing quick access without disrupting your work environment.
License:Shareware, 29.95 USD to buy Size: 7.42 MB

 2)   SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 4.5
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator is a tool that creates autoplay multimedia menu interfaces for CD and DVD. From these menus you can execute installation programs, launch applications, show documents, play movies, show graphics, explore the Internet etc.
License:Shareware, 59 USD to buy Size: 5.15 MB

 3)   Free Launch Bar 1.0
Free Launch Bar is compatible with Quick Launch and allows you to combine your shortcuts into popup menus with unlimited levels.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.51 MB

 4)   Launch Pivot 1.5
Launch Pivot is a smart, configurable and powerful tool for exploring and launching programs on your computer. It can also be used as a Media Player or an Image Viewer by placing the mouse cursor over a multimedia or an image file icon.
License:Shareware, 15.00 USD to buy Size: 1.68 MB

 5)   FSL Launcher
Tired for dozen of icons on your desktop? Try this simple but powerful and intuitive launcher to organize your shortcuts (applications, documents, url links and more..). Multi-tab categories organization, shortcuts Drag & Drop support, multilanguage.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.77 MB

 6)   CD Menu Builder 1.03
Create professional royalty-free autorun (auto-play) CD-ROM menu projects. Project files may also be combined into one file for added security and convenience. Create a standardized look for all company CDs with an easy-to-use interface.
License:Shareware, 49 USD to buy Size: 4.99 MB

 7)   XStart 2.0.1
XStart is an easy to use application launcher. A good alternative to the Windows Start Menu. Friendly and intuitive. It provides quick access to your favorite programs, shortcuts, folders, documents and websites.
License:Shareware, 20 USD to buy Size: 4.96 MB

 8)   Absolute StartUp Home 5.1
Absolute StartUp Home monitors startup programs and the sequence of Windows registry startup. This convenient startup manager researches program safety using a database of potentially dangerous programs.
License:Shareware, 19.95 USD to buy Size: 2.25 MB

 9)   Energy Spy 1.71
Energy Spy is a small program that lets you schedule a shutdown, reboot, logoff, standby, and hibernation for the local computer to be executed at a specified time. It also supports command line options that allow power-off to be used in batch script
License:Shareware, 24.97 USD to buy Size: 0.93 MB

 10)   CD Splash
By putting this program on your CDs an amazing splash will appear every time you run the CD. You can choose to automatically display an image, to play a sound file (wav, mp3, midi...), to start a program or multimedia file.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.43 MB

 11)   Mi-Tabs 0.2
Mi-Tabs is a personal program launcher. It contains customised tabbed pages of icons to launch your favorite programs. Files can be dragged and dropped on the active tab page to quickly create the launch buttons.
License:Shareware, 20 USD to buy Size: 0.91 MB

 12)   NitroBOOT 2.1
Manage your Windows startup and make your computer faster with this amazing tool. NitroBOOT is simple and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful. You can disable programs from starting with Windows, delay their start, or confirm their start. Easy!
License:Shareware, 9.99 USD to buy Size: 1.06 MB

 13)   JetStart Free 4.38
JetStart lets you launch Start Menu shortcuts faster and easier then ever. No more digging into crowded Start Menu! And best of all, it's completely Free!
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.64 MB

 14)   Launch-n-Go 2.5
A program launcher, text inserter, shortcut creator & desktop toolbar - all in one! Insert text or expand abbreviations instantly in any Windows application. Open any files, programs or websites with hotkeys, or search the Internet.
License:Shareware, 24.95 USD to buy Size: 2.59 MB

 15)   Vista Start Menu SE 2.2
A convenient and superior alternative to the Start menu for Windows XP and Vista. With Vista Start Menu's easy interface, you will quickly forget about the standard start menu. Every detail in Vista Start Menu is a pleasure.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.01 MB

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