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 391)   Utility Ping 7.21.6
Utility Ping is a handy and powerful ping utility for system administrator or webmaster to check network connection, intended to replace the standard ping program that comes with Microsoft Windows for ever.
License:Shareware, 19.95 USD to buy Size: 1.12 MB

 392)   ID Harddisk Cleaner 1.2
ID Harddisk Cleaner is an efficient organized cleaner of your disk-space, securing files and data while ensuring extra usage space and improved running-performances for your PC.
License:Shareware, 47 USD to buy Size: 1.20 MB

 393)   ID Uneraser 1.2
ID Uneraser is a restoring top-quality program, permitting you to reverse the erasing process of files and data, securely re-initiating deleted items.
License:Shareware, 47 USD to buy Size: 1.26 MB

 394)   ID Harddisk SmartChecker 1.2
ID Harddisk SmartChecker is the smartest scanning, monitoring and checking mechanism for your PC, providing optimal functioning parameters.
License:Shareware, 47 USD to buy Size: 1.32 MB

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