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 31)   MoneyToys Loan Spread Calculator 2.0
The MoneyToys Loan Spread Calculator is designed to provide webmasters with a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site by providing users with a financial calculator applet which provides a unique persepctive on borrowing money!
License:Commercial, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 0.03 MB

 32)   Advanced Swing Components (ASC Suite) 1.5
Advanced Swing Components (ASC Suite) are 100% Swing-based components that help you to deliver Swing applications with professional and user-friendly interface.
License:Shareware, 299 USD to buy Size: 1.50 MB

 33)   A Cool Java Menu 2.0
ABCMenuMan is an exciting new java menu that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a few menu items, easier for you to use than defining mouseover states, plus adds impressive mouseover effects for your website, and extremely flexible
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 2.16 MB

 34)   Bokai Barcode Image Generator Java component (Barcode/JSP) 3.1
Bokai barcode image generator Java component generates barcode images in PNG or JPEG format without requiring your web server to run in graphics mode (X-Window). Your HTML pages can embed a bar code image URL (sevlet or JSP file) without programming.
License:Shareware, 299 USD to buy Size: 0.3 MB

 35)   Home Sellers Proceeds Calculator 2.0
MoneyToys(tm) Home Sellers Proceeds Calculator helps home sellers discover what the net gain will be after current mortgage(s) have been repayed and taxes, sales commissions and other closing costs involved in your sales transaction are accounted for
License:Commercial, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 0.02 MB

 36)   MoneyToys Simple Loan Calculator 2.0
The MoneyToys Simple Loan Calculator allows webmasters to quickly enhance their web site by adding a financial calculator which visitors can use to calculate loan payments without leaving the web site.
License:Commercial, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 0.02 MB

 37)   JDock 1.4
JDock is a pure java swing docking framework for managing, moving and resizing inner windows
License:Shareware, 59 USD to buy Size: 0.188 MB

 38)   DocFlex/Doclet 1.5.3
Template-driven Javadoc doclet that generates both framed and single-file HTML, the exceptional quality RTF with rendering of HTML tags embedded in Java comments (including images). Full support of new Java 5.0 language features. Doclet GUI.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 2.03 MB

 39)   JNIWrapper 3.4
JNIWrapper eliminates difficulties in working with native code from Java programs using a standard JNI approach. With JNIWrapper, there is no need to create native libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a function from a library.
License:Commercial, 149 USD to buy Size: 3.52 MB

 40)   Pro Menu System Applet 3.2
Profissional Menu Features: Customizable fonts, color, alignment. smoothed animation. Tree slider look on menu items. Easy to use
License:Shareware, 18.95 USD to buy Size: 0.374 MB

 41)   ObjectDB for Java/JDO - Free Edition 1.00
ObjectDB for Java/JDO is a powerful yet compact Object Database for Java written entirely in Java. Free Download is available.
License:Commercial, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.83 MB

 42)   HTMLPack 2.5.2
reduce the size of your web pages by compress as much as 80% while keeping the appearance of the page the same.
License:Shareware, 29.95 USD to buy Size: 0.75 MB

 43)   JFrameBuilder 3.3.0
JFrameBuilder is an easy-to-use visual Java GUI Builder for Java Swing applications. It enables Java developers to create sophisticated GUI applications using drag-and-drop interface without spending a lot of time writing code.
License:Shareware, 166.50 USD to buy Size: 13.75 MB

 44)   Advanced Treeview Java Tree Menu 4.2
With this feature packed and highly customisable Java Tree Menu quickly add great menu navigation aids to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more.Advanced yet both Easy and Quick to implement. Source Code also available.
License:Shareware, 24 USD to buy Size: 0.18 MB

 45)   Jigsaw Java Applet 1.0
Jigsaw Java Applet is a fancy addition to your site. Your visitors will come back soon and invite their friends and relatives to visit your site and to play the game of Jigsaw. You can make puzzles from your own pictures.
License:Shareware, 24.90 USD to buy Size: 0.14 MB

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