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 31)   Cutter 1.0
A wonderful tool for 2D Sprites and tiles optimisation. Optimise, reduce, reorganise , rotate, overlay your 2D sprites!
License:Shareware, 79.00 USD to buy Size: 0.50 MB

 32)   Remote Viewer (pc remote access) 1.93
Remote Viewer (pc remote access) is a pc remote control product, which enables you to control your computer remotely via any web-browser. The download includes an SDK for developers interested in implementing custom remote control applications.
License:Shareware, 50 USD to buy Size: 2.61 MB

 33)   SDE for Visual Studio (PE) for Windows 3.3 SP3 Professional Edition
SDE for Visual Studio is a UML modeling tool tightly integrated with Visual Studio. SDE-VS supports all types of UML diagrams, code generation (model to C# code), reverse engineering (C# code to model), ... New features include support UML 2.1, generate report in MS Word format, etc.
License:Commercial, 699 USD to buy Size: 97.99 MB

 34)   Taditor 1.40
Text editor with Unicode and syntax-highlighting support, hex edit mode and HTML/XML charset support. Internal HTML / XML preview. Supports huge files, multiple code pages and character encodings including EBCDIC, OEM, ANSI, Unicode.
License:Commercial, 27 USD to buy Size: 1.54 MB

 35)   MySQL Dump Timer 1.2.4
MySQL Backup / MySQL Dump and MySQL Restore scheduler (Windows based) for MySQL databases. The MySQL Dump Timer offers access to every MySQL database. Even if the MySQL database is hosted behind a firewall the MySQL Dump Timer has access to the DB.
License:Shareware, 30 USD to buy Size: 1.827 MB

 36)   Program Flow chart Generator 3.5
Code Visual for C & C++ is a C and C++ Code Browser integrating program code editor,analyzer and documentation generator with code flowcharting and visualization.It can help programmer to browse,edit,document and understand source code.
License:Commercial, 99.95 USD to buy Size: 1.18 MB

 37)   Hexdataedit 1.21
HexDataEdit is a tool to view and edit hex binary data file. You can view and edit binary data in every type such as Byte, Integer, Float, String etc. This is strongly Available in binary data file. You can use it as data debug.
License:Shareware, 49.80 USD to buy Size: 0.64 MB

 38)   JamDTA Component for Delphi 4.0.1
TJamDTA is a component for Delphi and C++ Builder that allows you to build DTA / DTAUS files that contain standardized information about money tranfers (wire transfers) between German banks.
License:Shareware, 79.95 USD to buy Size: 0.71 MB

 39)   Script Debugger IDE 1.6.8
Script Debugger IDE is full-featured client and server ActiveX Scripting debugger. It provides developers with a robust set of tools for developing scripts and Web applications.
License:Shareware, 175 USD to buy Size: 4.87 MB

 40)   XLnow OnScript 2.0.542
XLnow OnScript is an integrated tool for writing, maintaining and running scripts on the Microsoft Windows platform.
License:Shareware, 75 USD to buy Size: 4.90 MB

 41)   StatusBar ActiveX control 2.4
A StatusBar control displays various kinds of status data. Supports: - Simple/multi panel styles - Add/copy/remove panels on the fly - Three grip styles - Custom drawn panels - Unicode support - Contained controls ... plus more
License:Demo, 79.95 USD to buy Size: 0.20 MB

 42)   HWDIRECT 1.83
HWDIRECT is an advanced low-level hardware register access software utility for Windows. It allows user to read and modify PC system hardware registers. With current latest version, HWDIRECT encapsulates nine separate tools.
License:Shareware, 38 USD to buy Size: MB

 43)   Compile Plus
This is an extension of the "Program Plus". It enables compiling with options from windows explorer's menu. You can compile next types of files: C/C++(c, cpp), C#(.cs), Java(.java), Assembler(.asm).
License:Shareware, 10 USD to buy Size: 0.50 MB

 44)   VersyPDF.Delphi 2.4
High-quality, industry-strength PDF library meeting requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications. Using VersyPDF.Delphi you can write stand-alone and reliable commercial applications that can read, write, and edit PDF file
License:Shareware, 299 USD to buy Size: 4.81 MB

 45)   Restorator 2006
Resource Editor for Windows: customize .exe applications and localize/translate programs by editing resources such as images, menus, dialogs, version, and texts directly in the .res, .exe and .dll files.
License:Shareware, 72 USD to buy Size: 3.10 MB

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