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 16)   RapTier 1.4.1
RapTier is a template-based ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and SQL code generator that creates robust database-driven applications for a wide range of databases.
License:Shareware, 299 USD to buy Size: 1.04 MB

 17)   Clever Internet Suite 5.0
MIME support.The components allow you to download, upload and post the Internet-resources asynchronously without interfering with mainapplication processes. SSL enabled FTP client. The set of e-mail components can connect to mail servers.
License:Shareware, 189.99 USD to buy Size: 2 MB

 18)   Cavaj Java Decompiler 1.11
Cavaj Java Decompiler is a graphical freeware utility that reconstructs java source code from CLASS files. You can decompile java applets, jar and zip files producing accurate java source code.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 1.0 MB

 19)   Delphi Code Library
Delphi Code Library is a powerful source code Library shipped with 1000+ lines of code, quick and powerful search engine, powerful printing capability, password protection, user notes & attachments handeling, favorites & rating support and more!
License:Shareware, 79.99 USD to buy Size: 5.94 MB

 20)   TreeView 1.8.88
TreeView is a hierarchical list control replacement for harder to use tree controls such as what comes with VB.
License:Shareware, 89.95 USD to buy Size: 0.36 MB

 21)   HashCalc 2.01
Fast calculator to compute hash, checksum, HMAC values for file, text and hex string. Supports MD2,MD4,MD5, SHA1,SHA2, RIPEMD160,PANAMA,TIGER, CRC32,ADLER32 algorithms and the hash used in eMule/eDonkey(eDonkey2000,ed2k). Good to check/compare files.
License:Freeware, 0.00 USD to buy Size: 0.43 MB

 22)   PE Explorer 1.98 R4
PE Explorer makes it easy to view, analyze and edit win32 executable files (EXE, DLL, SYS, ActiveX). Offers easy-to-use tools such as a Visual Resource Editor, powerful Win32 Disassembler, DLL Export Viewer, UPX and Upack Unpackers, and more.
License:Shareware, 129.00 USD to buy Size: 2.82 MB

 23)   Code Co-op Version Control 5.0
Develop anytime, anywhere with Code Co-op, the peer-to-peer version control system for distributed teams. Collaborate through Email, LAN, and VPN. Includes visual differ, branch, wiki support, and wiki-based bug database. Integrates with many IDEs
License:Shareware, 250 USD to buy Size: 10.25 MB

 24)   EditiX 5.0
EditiX is an XML editor and XSLT debugger for Windows,Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and web application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schemas.
License:Shareware, 33 USD to buy Size: 26.31 MB

 25)   RSP Media OCX 1.5.0
ActiveX OCX to play multi-media files
License:Shareware, 100 USD to buy Size: 0.45 MB

 26)   Serial Port Monitor
Captures and displays time-tagged text and binary data across a PC serial port, from COM1 to COM12. Supports simultaneous capture to screen, with optional output to file and printer. Three capture modes: single character, line, or string.
License:Shareware, 20.00 USD to buy Size: 3.48 MB

 27)   WinHex 13.2
Hex editor, disk editor, and RAM Editor with a lot of features: Concatenating, splitting, unifying, analyzing, and comparing files, flexible search and replace functions, Data Interpreter, template editing, encryption, automation of file editing, ...
License:Shareware, 50.00 USD to buy Size: 1.12 MB

 28)   123 Click n Submit Softwares 1.2
Submit your software literally in just one click to 100s of software download websites out there. No hassle. Just fill up your PAD file URL and some other fields and click Submit, and your software is listed on 100's of popular shareware sites.
License:Shareware, 19.95 USD to buy Size: 2.00 MB

 29)   ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0
ADO.NET Express is an add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that generates class methods for calling stored procedures and executing common types of SQL statements. It supports C#/VB and SQL Server/Oracle.
License:Shareware, 29.95 USD to buy Size: 0.39 MB

 30)   PowerCHM 5.5 Build 0401
PowerCHM, a powerful pdf to chm maker! With PowerCHM you can create professional CHM files from Html Files, Text Files, Microsoft Word Documents and Adobe Acrobat Document.
License:Shareware, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 1.52 MB

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