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 61)   sqlXpressScript 2.0
Smart INSERT scripts for moving data between tables in different databases! Transfers all data types, including IMAGE, BINARY and VARBINARY, from tables or views. Appends, replaces or updates data. Uses IntelliSense® in WHERE statements.
License:Commercial, 199 USD to buy Size: 2.59 MB

 62)   DBConvert for Access & MySQL 6.0.0
DBConvert for Access & MySQL with scheduler converts MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access database. You can save data to PHP script or to SQL Access file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to MySQL database if any.
License:Shareware, 69.00 USD to buy Size: 8.81 MB

 63)   MySQL Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0
Change case for values in MySQL tables. Change to upper case, lower case, title case (proper case), and setence case. The data found in each field of a table can be quickly converted.
License:Shareware, 19.82 USD to buy Size: 2.54 MB

 64)   NET Reports Server PRO 2.0
NET Reports 2.0 Server - a Internet ready application; Fast Query & Report solution for Ms.Sql Server, Oracle, PostGreSql, MySql, Interbase, Firebird, MS. VFP. Sybase, MS. Access; Free client software from
License:Shareware, 450 USD to buy Size: 13.99 MB

 65)   MySQL Data Wizard 6.7
MySQL Data Wizard is a powerful Windows GUI utility for managing your MySQL data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards for performing the required data manipulation easily and quickly.
License:Shareware, 59 USD to buy Size: 9.91 MB

 66)   Database Architect 1.8
Define database tables, fields, references, and generate the database. When working with Database Architect, software developer defines database structure, drawing it directly in the program's window and generates the DB directly from the program
License:Shareware, 99 USD to buy Size: 0.82 MB

 67)   EMS Data Import 2005 for InterBase/Firebird 2.1
EMS Data Import for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful tool to import your data quickly from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV and XML files to InterBase/FireBird tables.
License:Shareware, 65.00 USD to buy Size: 3.45 MB

 68)   SQLExecMS 2.6
Unique all-in-one interface for management, tuning up, development and data manipulation. Consolidates a lot of SQL Server admin and debug features into one program. Great tool for MSDE admins. Could be used like a substitution for EM and QA.
License:Shareware, 119 USD to buy Size: 4.81 MB

 69)   Visual Importer Enterprise 7.3.6
Powerful ETL tool. Imports data into Oracle ,SQL Server, ODBC Databases (Datawarehouses) from flat files or ODBC datasources. Very fast and reliable. Uses naitive API. Repository: MS Access, Oracle, MS Sql Server, Interbase, MySql, PostgreSQL
License:Shareware, 280 USD to buy Size: 10.86 MB

 70)   DecryptSQL 2.8.0
Do you often have a headache when you try to get the decryption MS SQL stored procedure, Trigger, Function, View! with "WITH ENCRYPTION"? Don't worry ! You can try this tool. It's fast and accurate. Now feel the convenience of DecryptSQL!
License:Shareware, 79.95 USD to buy Size: 0.52 MB

 71)   MySharpSQL 1.1
Learn from ebook and well commented example source codes, the easy way to use MySQL with C#. In addition to an ebook, this package contains a real world .NET program that allows you to manage a collection of MySQL and C# programming notes.
License:Shareware, 24.95 USD to buy Size: 0.29 MB

 72)   MS SQL Converter 1.1
MS SQL Converter will lighten your work with databases. Using it you can easily convert tables to data formats (xml, dbf, txt and csv) and sql. In few steps you will create reports in xls, doc, html, pdf. Try it now for free to know all the benefits
License:Shareware, 49 USD to buy Size: 2 MB

 73)   Reportizer 2.6
Database reporting tool. Easy creating, modifying and printing database reports. Supports BDE or ADO databases.
License:Shareware, 34.00 USD to buy Size: 1.3 MB

 74)   EMS Data Generator 2005 for SQL Server 2.2
EMS Data Generator for SQL Server is an utility for generating test data to several Microsoft SQL database tables at once. The wizard application allows to define tables for generating data, set value ranges, generate char fields and blobs and other.
License:Shareware, 65.00 USD to buy Size: 2.88 MB

 75)   Visual Importer 4.6.7
Powerful ETL Tool. Loads data into Oracle,SQL Server,ODBC from flat files, cross tables, ODBC or Excell. Very fast and reliable.Capable of performing calculation during import, may also execute SQL statemts before/after import.
License:Shareware, 120 USD to buy Size: 5.01 MB

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