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 61)   AntiCutAndPaste 1.7
AntiCutAndPaste is designed to search for plagiarism - text fragments that have been copied and pasted in programming language source code or plain text. Compatible with C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, C#. Very fast.
License:Shareware, 24.95 USD to buy Size: 0.72 MB

 62)   Web Service Creator Lite 2.0
Web Service Creator is the easiest way to create a highly optimized web service based on your database schema.
License:Shareware, 79 USD to buy Size: 3.72 MB

 63)   Aquatica Engine 1.0
Aquatica engine can be used to simplify the implementation of water surfaces in application with DirectX9 graphics.
License:Shareware, 49.99 USD to buy Size: 14.28 MB

 64)   MoSync 0.3
MoSync makes development of mobile applications and content easier, faster and cheaper. MoSync addresses the creation and porting of mobile applications.This version of MoSync makes it possible to automatically port applications from C or C++ to Java
License:Commercial, 199 USD to buy Size: 26.49 MB

 65)   Liquid XML Data Binder 6.0.0
Bridges the Gap between XML and Code (C++,C#,Java,VB6,VB.Net). Generates a class library based on an XML Schema (XSD,XDR,DTD). The resulting library makes it simple to read and write XML documents programmatically.
License:Shareware, 999 USD to buy Size: 25.93 MB

 66)   GEODLL32 (English) 10.13
In the DLL GeoDLL geodesic functions like 2D and 3D coordinate transformation, datum changes, meridian strip changes, distance calculation, map functions, Digital Elevation Models ec. are contained to bind them into own WINDOWS applications.
License:Shareware, 290.00 USD to buy Size: 1.00 MB

 67)   Nokia Mobile Phone Investigation
Mobile phone investigation software available with full source code that will be helpful for developers working in VC++, MFC, and Embedded C++. Software shows full information of the cell like mobile manufacture name, model and IMSI number.
License:Shareware, 4869 USD to buy Size: 0.67 MB

 68)   Code Summarizer 3.1
Code Summarizer is a Visual Studio package (Add-In) designed to ease code navigation and code browsing. Code Summarizer is an interactive map to your C++/C# code. With Code Summarizer you see big picture and details at the same time.
License:Shareware, 29.99 USD to buy Size: 0.43 MB

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