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 1)   Collection of C++ Examples 6.0
Collection of C++Builder Examples with source code.Database Example in C++ Builder,Custom Print Preview Example in C++ Builder,Animate windows in C++ Example.Running external applications from c++ example.Drag object and components on a Form.
License:Demo, 49 USD to buy Size: 1.55 MB

 2)   Custom Print Preview in C++ Example 2.1
Learn how to create reports in C++ Builder. Create custom print previews and avoid the apperiance of a default Quick report window Learn how to cycle through pages Print from Ms Access database Tutorial on proper using the QuickRep and QRPrev
License:Demo, 39 USD to buy Size: 0.02 MB

 3)   GeoBase 0.8
GeoBase is a high performance OEM tool for embedding GIS functions in client and server applications. GeoBase functions include quality maps, fast geocoding and routing and analysis tools.
License:Shareware, 0 USD to buy Size: 87 MB

 4)   C++ Code Library
C++ Code Library is a powerful source code Library shipped with 50,000++ lines of code, quick and powerful search engine, powerful printing capability, password protection, user notes & attachments handeling, favorites & rating support and more!
License:Shareware, 79.99 USD to buy Size: 5.4 MB

 5)   Power Render 6
Power Render is a general purpose software development kit for games and 3D visualization. This is the core file with all tools, documentation and C++ libraries. Visit to download the rest of the SDK.
License:Demo, 89.95 USD to buy Size: 31.72 MB

 6)   Code Visualizer
Code Visualizer makes c++ source code to visual based diagrams. Code Visualizer show class, struct, and any elements of source code to diagrams. Code Visualizer show logics of a fuction and a method. Code Visualizer summarize project's statistics.
License:Shareware, 37 USD to buy Size: 3.78 MB

 7)   Easy Way to Build E-Greetings in C++ 1.0
Would you like to create your own personalized multi-media greeting cards using Visual C++? Use this C++ source codes to create customized greeting cards for any occasion or recipient. It will be a useful marketing tool for your business.
License:Shareware, 49.95 USD to buy Size: 0.31 MB

 8)   Convert String for C++ 1.0
You should add quote at the start and end of a string line, and replace quote with slash. Now Convert String for C++ will do the job for you to get the exact C++ string which you can just copy and paste into your C++ program directly.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 0.12 MB

 9)   MemSL 4.0
A complete data structures/collection classes library, memory tracing, memory debugging, entry/exit tracing, exception handling, definable memory handlers, built-in threads support and much more.
License:Shareware, 49.00 USD to buy Size: 0.98 MB

 10)   XD++MFC Library Professional Edition 8.6 8.60
XD++ Library for MFC by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework that provides your applications with a drawing surface for diagramming, symbol manipulation, drag and drop, scrolling, zooming, and many other graphics capabilities.
License:Demo, 0 USD to buy Size: 19.07 MB

 11)   Speedy Make 1.3
Replaces make by the simplest parser and its makefile format by a portable XML document. Some predefined actions are sufficient to give tasks to the interpreter and turn XML into commands to process.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.3 MB

 12)   SignalLab VC++ 3.1
The SignalLab is a set of Visual C++ components for fast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data visualization. They allow fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. Free for non-commercial use.
License:Shareware, 470 USD to buy Size: 16.38 MB

 13)   Devrace MultiProfile 1.08
Many programmers usually need different IDE settings for separate projects. In Delphi or C++ Builder they may need separate settings for Library Path or those of the debugger especially in case when they use different versions of the same components.
License:Demo, 59.97 USD to buy Size: 0,94 MB

 14)   Easy Way to Build XML-enabled Programs 1.0
Would you like to know how to create XML-enabled applications using Visual C++ with TinyXML?
License:Shareware, 14.95 USD to buy Size: 0.03 MB

 15)   ScriptDB 1.0
ScriptDB will generate scripts for all objects and (optionally) data in any SQL 2000/2005 database. It is a console application written in C#. The source code is freely available so you can modify it to meet your needs if you know a little C#.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.016 MB

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