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 46)   Windows Eraser 1.1
Windows Eraser is an Privacy Eraser that protects your privacy by erasing all the tracks of your internet and computer activities. Windows Eraser supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Opera, and MSN Explorer.
License:Shareware, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 1.58 MB

 47)   Account Reset Console 2.50.050403
The Account Reset Console provides your Help Desk with a fully audited and delegated way to reset your domain account passwords/account flags via any web browser.
License:Commercial, 2499 USD to buy Size: 5.41 MB

 48)   Digital Security Suite 2007
Digital Security Suite helps you protect the files on your computer. You can for example encrypt individual files for storage or secure mail attachements. You can also permanently remove (shred) files, folders and other information.
License:Commercial, 49.95 USD to buy Size: 4.13 MB

 49)   Webroot Desktop Firewall 1.3
From the makers of Spy Sweeper! Two-way protection from Webroot Desktop Firewall keeps your data in and intruders out. Easy to use for novice firewall users & experts can tune it to their needs with advanced options. Backed by free customer support!
License:Shareware, 29.95 USD to buy Size: 2.81 MB

 50)   Kernel Access Password Recovery Software 4.02
Kernel Access Password Recovery tool is a Microsoft Access MDB password recovery software designed to recover lost and forgotten passwords from Microsoft Access Database (.mdb) files.
License:Demo, 27 USD to buy Size: 0.54 MB

 51)   Distributed Password Recovery 1.0.19
The more computers you connect, the faster you'll recover passwords. Simply install the agent module on all available local or remote PCs. Distributed computing is used to speed up your office files password recovery by 100's of times.
License:Shareware, 599 USD to buy Size: 2.97 MB

 52)   ActMon Password Recovery XP 4.03a
The newest version of this popular password recovery utility decrypts and displays the passwords behind the asterisks on ALL Windows systems. It works automatically on Web pages, Windows 9x/NT and Windows 2000/XP systems.
License:Shareware, 29.95 USD to buy Size: 0.45 MB

 53)   RapidSweeper 2.0
Erase your Internet activity! Join thousands of people who keep their computer clean, fast and private with the powerful new RapidSweeper 2.0. Clean your computer, hide your Internet Explorer and lots, lots more! Try it now free!
License:Shareware, 19.95 USD to buy Size: 6.14 MB

 54)   Stealth Folder Hider 9.0
Stealth Folder comes with a Folder Hider, Clear Tracks utility and File Eradicator.With Stealth Folder, folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run.Stealth Folder Hider can be run in Normal Mode or in Stealth Mode.In stealth mode.
License:Shareware, 19.90 USD to buy Size: 0.38 MB

 55)   Openwall wordlists collection CD 2003/10/09
A full CD (600 MB) containing an extensive collection of wordlists for 20+ languages and lists of common passwords intended for use with password recovery utilities.
License:Data Only, 19.95 USD to buy Size: 612 MB

 56)   Advanced Security Administrator 11.5
Protect your computer and restrict access to Internet with Security Administrator. This nice password-protected security utility enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy and stop others from tampering with your P
License:Shareware, 69 USD to buy Size: 1.86 MB

 57)   Security Booster 3.0
Protect your PC's security and online safety in minutes! Security Booster helps to auto-protect your PC against potential harmful attacks from malicious scripts, Trojans and hijacking. Get peace of mind! Easy for PC novices and power users.
License:Shareware, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 3.37 MB

 58)   Mateyko 2.0
Mateyko secures your login data that you use to access websites and programs; it simplifies and automates the login process. From now on you do not need to worry about a forgotten password to a website or email service.
License:Shareware, 15 USD to buy Size: 5.49 MB

 59)   Find Password Protected Documents 6.0.319
Using Find Password Protected Documents utility you can easy find password protected files on your computer. Current version analyzes Word, Excel documents (password to open), Access databases, Outlook PST, OneNote, PowerPoint, MS Money files and Zip archives.
License:Shareware, 49 USD to buy Size: 0.19 MB

 60)   USB PC lock 1.1
Use any USB device as key for your PC. Protect your privacy with our new generation software.
License:Shareware, 5 USD to buy Size: 0.34 MB

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