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 16)   Password Recovery .MDB 2.0.7
Password Recovery .MDB is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords of the protected databases of Microsoft Access 97/2000/2002-XP/2003.
License:Shareware, 12 USD to buy Size: 1.95 MB

 17)   Cryptime 3.4
The Cryptime program is intended for information encryption. You can set the password and TimerLock and encrypt any files. The TimerLock is supposed to set the time when it will be possible to decrypt the file encrypted.
License:Shareware, 24.95 USD to buy Size: 0.49 MB

 18)   Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional 4.6.12
AEP2007 PRO most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility and military grade encryption: program includes 17 encryption algorithms (Rijndael, TWOFISH, BLOWISH, CAST, MARS, TEA, etc) to encrypt your files. It also includes file shredder. RSA supp.
License:Shareware, 49.95 USD to buy Size: 3.20 MB

 19)   007 Spy Software 3.873
Secretly monitor and record all activity of computer users and automatically deliver logs to you via Email or FTP at set interval, including keystrokes, emails, online chat, files operation, Web site visited, and take snapshot of the entire desktop.
License:Shareware, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 1.2 MB

 20)   Black 1.1
Black is an easy to use encryption program. It encrypts and decrypts folders using a key. Filenames of encrypted files are scrambled. Black also allow you to create an emergency plan for when you need to make sure all your secret files are encrypted
License:Shareware, 19.00 USD to buy Size: 0.53 MB

 21)   Spydetect 3.0
Spy detect is an anti-spy program. Spy detect performs a scan but this is just in case you have a known spy file. Spy detects main feature is the Data fill test which is unique to Spy detect and very accurate in detecting spy software.
License:Shareware, 39.00 USD to buy Size: 1.83 MB

 22)   USA Shield 2.15
USA Shield is the suite of encryption tools for personal and professional security.
License:Shareware, 49.95 USD to buy Size: 0.51 MB

 23)   Proactive System Password Recovery 4.1
Recover all types of Windows passwords: logon password (when user is logged on and has Admin privileges), NET Passport password, screensaver password, RAS/dial-up passwords, to shared resources etc. Attacks on Windows PWL files are also implemented.
License:Shareware, 60 USD to buy Size: 1.91 MB

 24)   XBundler 1
Embed Dynamic Link Libraries DLLs and data files to be embedded inside an application, simplifying the distribution of your application to your customers and avoiding your DLLs and data files being used by third party software
License:Shareware, 79 USD to buy Size: 0.17 MB

 25)   ap PDF Encrypt 2.3
PDF Encrypt allows you to encrypt (using standard 40-bit or 128-bit supported by Acrobat Reader 5.0 and up) existing PDFs, set permissions, add user and owner password.
License:Shareware, 27.9 USD to buy Size: 0.84 MB

 26)   Mini Key Log 2.6
Mini Key Log makes it possible for you to monitor and record user activities unnoticed and store this in log-files.
License:Shareware, 35 USD to buy Size: 0.54 MB

 27)   Winvestigator 2.4
Winvestigator starts on boot, and runs undetectable in Windows capturing keystrokes, URL's, mouse-clicks, and screen shots to an encrypted log file (can be auto emailed). A web style interface and thorough help make it easy to use this powerful tool.
License:Demo, 44.95 USD to buy Size: 0.79 MB

 28)   Take-Away USB Flashdisk Encryption
The USB Flashdisk Encryption makes your files secure. Its easy to use. Just copy the program to your flashdisk, set it up by typing in your password and you are ready to go.
License:Shareware, 30 USD to buy Size: MB

 29)   SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.2.2
PDA encryption software. Creates a secure storage for confidential business documents carried on Windows Mobile PDAs or PDA Phones. Ensures the security of the protected data even if the device is lost or stolen.
License:Shareware, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 0.86 MB

 30)   Evidence destroyer 4.0
Evidence destroyer will shred, overwrite, rename and finally delete any file on your pc making recovery impossible. It will also shred all email, newsgroup and internet activity recorded on your pc so no one can ever see what you have been viewing.
License:Shareware, 39.00 USD to buy Size: 1.62 MB

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