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 61)   rmtSHUTDOWN 2.0
Shutdown, and optionally reboot, local and remote Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems. Send Wake on LAN packets to across the network, bringing systems to life. Flexible command line options allow for batch processing and easy scheduling.
License:Shareware, 19 USD to buy Size: 0.71 MB

 62)   PimpFish Basic 2006.3
Grab, download, share and organize Flash, Quicktime or any other video, pictures or files you find on websites in a single click. Use this Download Manager, IE or Firefox toolbar and FloatBar to grab movies, zoom pics in your browser and share stuff.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.40 MB

 63)   UnlimitedDownoadCenter 2007
Download anything you want - no time limits, no bandwidth limits, no content limits. With over 15 billion files available, imagine all the music and movie files you can get with instant access!
License:Shareware, 29.88 USD to buy Size: 1.97 MB

 64)   Free FTP And Download Manager
Perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet. Ftp Client & Download Manager all in one. Features: Browser integration, Clipboard monitoring, Upload/Download resume , Firewall/Proxy support, one click directory transfers
License:Freeware, 0.00 USD to buy Size: 5.33 MB

 65)   Azureus Ultra Accelerator 2.6.3
Azureus Ultra Accelerator is a program designed to boost Azureus downloads. These practical and professional plug-in implement newest technologies that can double the speed of any torrent download.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.8 MB

 66)   BitComet Ultra Accelerator 2.8.4
BITCOMET ULTRA ACCELERATOR is an effective plug-in for BitComet P2P. The program includes most modern technology that is used to increase speed of BitComet downloads.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.8 MB

 67)   Ideal Blog Creator 1.0
Manages multiple blogs, posts, post categories and outputs HTML files that you can upload to your web space. No script configuration required.
License:Shareware, 14.95 USD to buy Size: 0.52 MB

 68)   JC-Email Direct Express 4.2
Programa freeware que envia emails sem usar o SMTP do seu provedor simulando um servidor SMTP em seu próprio computador para conectar-se diretamente aos servidores de e-mails dos destinatários e entregar as mensagens sem sobrecarregar o seu provedor
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 0.72 MB

 69)   Mobile FUN Access 1.1
Get everything you want to pimp up your phone with java games, ringtones, color logos and wallpers, videos, flash games, voice ringtones directly to your phone
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.98 MB

 70)   MSN Messenger for Mac 6.0.2
By using MSN Messenger for Mac, you can see when your friends, family, coworkers, and associates at other companies are online and then communicate with them instantly. Run on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs. - Absolutely Free
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 8.6 MB

 71)   UserGate proxy server 4.2
UserGate proxy server is a complex and multifunctional software solution that can be used to connect your network to the Internet. UserGate provides complete gateway traffic control that now includes Panda and Kaspersky antivirus protection.
License:Shareware, 77 USD to buy Size: 7.48 MB

 72)   Mobile SSH 2.2
Mobile SSH gives you Telnet and SSH1/SSH2 terminal access to a wide range of network devices and applications from your wireless handheld. It supports VT100, IBM 5250, and IBM 3270 terminal emulation.
License:Shareware, 95.00 USD to buy Size: MB

 73)   IP Anonymizer 3.1
IP Anonymizer is a privacy protection tool that hides your IP address preventing your surfing habits and your internet activity over the Internet form being tracked by websites or Internet Service Providers.
License:Shareware, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 4.05 MB

 74)   Submit a Link w/Resell Rights 1.0
Submit a Link Submit-a-link gives you the ability to offer Instant Links on your site. Your ads appear above and below the links. They also appear on the Submit page. You only need to edit one file and upload! Very easy to use.
License:Commercial, 9.99 USD to buy Size: 1.75 MB

 75)   Filecroc 1.0.1
Search and download audio and video files on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. FileCroc is a free peer to peer file sharing software.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.29 MB

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