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 1)   DataMite 1.21
DataMite is a highly customizable data extraction tool that can quickly filter, print and export data to multiple file formats. Using a sophisticated visual sql query builder the data can be manipulated in a any way wanted.
License:Demo, 99.95 USD to buy Size: 2.27 MB

 2)   Hermetic File Search - Search Module 2.12
The search module of Hermetic File Search is for searching HTML or text files (or similar) on CD or hard disk by keywords (searches can be on any word, all words or exact phrase). It uses data files produced by a previously-created index module.
License:Shareware, 15 USD to buy Size: MB

 3)   Hermetic File Search - Index Module 2.12
The index module of Hermetic File Search is for indexing HTML or text files in a hierarchy of files on CD, hard disk, etc., so as to provide the data needed by the search module.
License:Shareware, 39 USD to buy Size: 1.90 MB

 4)   Graham Process Mapping 7.00.0919
Detail process maps for documenting, developing, improving and managing business processes. Graham process maps clearly show the interrelated flows and relationships of multiple forms, emails, reports, databases, systems and other items in a process.
License:Commercial, 495.00 USD to buy Size: 15.50 MB

 5)   PDF-Analyzer 3.0
The PDF-Analyzer is an informationtool specially for pdf files. You can use it from the explorer contextmenu and "stand alone" as a "PDF Browser", too. No pdf-secrets anymore! Additionally there's a pro-version with password-reset and many more.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 0.975 MB

 6)   Text Files to PDF Convert Software 7.0
Create PDF files from your many text files without Adobe products. No complicated options. Files are not required to have txt extensions.
License:Shareware, 19.82 USD to buy Size: 4.12 MB

 7)   VisualStamp
Put customized stamps on any page of any PDF document without the need for Adobe Acrobat. Your stamps can be as simple as "Confidential" across every page, or specialized watermarks. Stamping PDF documents has never been easier.
License:Commercial, 149 USD to buy Size: 2 MB

 8)   Text Hawk Text Editor 5.01
Fast, multi-language Windows text editor that blends usability with simplicity. Experience the power to edit the way you want without interruption. Features color syntax highlighting, tabbed interface, regular expression searching, and more.
License:Shareware, 27.99 USD to buy Size: 2.70 MB

 9)   Aloaha PDF Suite 2.1.364
Your PDF Files are just one click away! Aloaha PDF Suite is the perfect tool to create/edit your PDF Documents. One click is enough! Just print your document to any of your printers and Aloaha will convert the print job to a PDF Document.
License:Commercial, 39 USD to buy Size: 8.58 MB

 10)   Immigration Forms and assessment softwar 1.0
The software contains offline forms and online assessment forms Guide to sponsorship,application to Sponsor and Undertaking,Sponsorship Agreement ,Sponsorship Evaluation , Sponsor Questionnaire , Use of a Representative ,etc.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.25 MB

 11)   EazySQL 2.0.0
Generates ready to use SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and VIEW SQL Statements and SQL Stored Procedures from table structures of MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Supports Optimistic Concurrency Control for Update, Foreign-Keys, etc.
License:Demo, 45 USD to buy Size: 0.35 MB

 12)   Doc Convertor 1.0.0
Quickly and easily print and convert your documents with Doc Convertor (30+ formats supported). Convert your documents to PDF, Excel, images and more!
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.73 MB

 13)   ShellDispenser 1.0
Close, start or restart Windows Explorer the proper way (i.e. not just killing the process) with the press of a key, or from the command line. If restarting the shell is a part of your job, then ShellDispenser is the tool you have been looking for!
License:Shareware, 12 USD to buy Size: 0.55 MB

 14)   CMB AutoDoc 2.0
CMB AutoDoc is a printer driver that can route all of your printed (and non printed) pages automatically to Fax(es),Email(s) and Folder(s) by using coloured text in your documents.
License:Shareware, 237 USD to buy Size: 7.02 MB

 15)   MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO Francais 4.2.20
Creation de catalogues de fichiers avec leurs propriétés et métadonnees sous forme de pages HTML avec liens vers les documents, export de listes de répertoires au format XML, CSV, Word.
License:Shareware, 175.00 USD to buy Size: 2.63 MB

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