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 46)   Trading Agent Professional Edition 2.0
The unique Software Which will start work of Sales representatives under the account of clients, invoices and payments in a mode the Autopilot!
License:Shareware, 15.97 USD to buy Size: 13.59 MB

 47)   Computer shop software 5.0
computer shop software - computer store management software. Sell computer system on easy way, keeps track of your sold computer systems, componenets and accessories. Full software solution for billing management control in your computer store
License:Shareware, 170 USD to buy Size: 1.24 MB

 48)   Real Option Valuation 1.0
The Real Option Valuation model encompasses a suite of option pricing tools to quantify the embedded strategic value for a range of financial analysis and investment scenarios. Option pricing tools include Black-Scholes, Binomial, and Game Theory.
License:Shareware, 26.00 USD to buy Size: 0.18 MB

 49)   Excel Invoice Template 1.1
Excel Invoice Template, a billing software & invoice software based on Excel, provides a Fill In The Blank invoice form and is capable of creating and calculating invoices. See for more information.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.04 MB

 50)   Easy Backup 1.00
A complete set of DOS programs including Hard Disk Menu, DataBase, Wordprocessor, Backup, Installer and Self Extracting Installer.
License:Commercial, 19.00 USD to buy Size: MB

 51)   MetaProject 1.0
MetaProject is a simple but useful tool for cataloguing, evaluating and prioritizing projects. It is intended for people who "never met a project they didn't like" and need help deciding which ones are worth pursuing. Should you follow the money, or follow your heart and hope the money will follow? MetaProject lets you look at your projects in either order and draw your own conclusions.
License:Shareware, 5.00 USD to buy Size: 0.12 MB

 52)   EZ-DepositSlip 2
Create bank deposit slips with your PC with plain paper and laser printer. Customizable to any business or organization checking or savings account. Never run out of deposit slips (save $$ on pre-printed forms). No more messy hand-written slips.
License:Shareware, 99 USD to buy Size: 9.56 MB

 53)   Appointments 1.0
If you don't want to forget events and don't want to write down your appointments on paper in the age of the computer then this program is made for you! The program shows the days and months in a tree as known from the Window file manager.
License:Demo, 20 USD to buy Size: 0.36 MB

 54)   Advance Stock Pattern Scanner 2.0
Professsional stock analysis/screening software for Free or only $12/month. Supported analysis include: Trend Breaking, Chart Patterns, Gartley 222, Candlestick Patterns, Technical Systems using Indicators, Fundamental Analysis. Free data update.
License:Shareware, 12 USD to buy Size: 12.57 MB

 55)   COMMMUNICATE! DELUXE 2.0.887a
Turn your PC into a powerful multi-tasking communications manager. COMMUNICATE! DELUXE provides multi-line support for voice and fax messaging as well as providing video motion detection and notification, video/audio e-mail and contact management
License:Commercial, 79.99 USD to buy Size: MB

 56)   101Quote 1.0
101Quote is an easy to use free intraday stock market quote tool. Integrated with portfolio tracking, customizable display settings, export to Excel and friendly with firewall and corporate networks, it is a must have for all market participants.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 1.28 MB

 57)   Cleantouch Trading Control System 1.0
Any company which deals in purchase and sale can easily use this accounting package. You can Manage Account Ledger, Trial Balance, Stock Report, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet Automatically in one place
License:Shareware, 99.99 USD to buy Size: 10.18 MB

 58)   Exl-Plan Lite 2.61
Business plan projections for new/smallish businesses (e.g. sales $0.5 to $2 m). For business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Generates three-year projections on monthly basis for first year & quarterly thereafter.
License:Shareware, 89 USD to buy Size: 3.28 MB

 59)   Terrasoft CRM 2.88
Terrasoft CRM is developed specially for mid-size business. It provides ultimate tools for sales, marketing and service. Besides, it provides functionality for time, project and documents management and can be integrated with financial software.
License:Demo, 299 USD to buy Size: 12.24 MB

 60)   Bookkeeping for REALTORS 1.1.22
Easy to use income, expense and mileage tracking program for REALTORS. In minutes a week, you will be able to organize and sort your income and expenses and create concise reports to be used by you or your accountant for preparing taxes.
License:Shareware, 39.00 USD to buy Size: 0.77 MB

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